The A to Z of Breathwork: All You Need to Know About Breathing Techniques

Breathing comes to us as an instinct; it is one of our primary means for survival. But look out! It’s actually not that simple. Yes, you heard it here folks: the act of breathing is more complex than we thought. Automatic, subconscious breathing allows our bodies to survive, but will not allow them to thrive. […]

8 Essential Tips You Should Know About Food Safety

After a long day at work, all we want is to have a nice, fresh, delicious meal. But what do we get to eat instead? Our leftovers. Yes, the leftovers that have been sitting in our fridge for several days. But did you know that we only have a maximum of two days to consume them? I guess it’s time to change our food-saving habits and to do so, food scientist Isabel Gonzalez is here to give us all we need to know about food safety.