The Scientific Rules for Overcoming a Breakup

Dealing with the aftermath of a romantic breakup can be difficult, as we often find ourselves torn between processing our emotions and tackling impractical online recommendations. Keep reading to find out how to move on from your ex partner healthily, without looking back.

How to Train Your Brain

As we learn and age, our brains are constantly adapting and changing. Through brain training, we can ensure that they are changing for the better. Discover how it works and why brain training may just be the thing for you!

6 Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Everyone likes music for different reasons: it can add to our fun, boost our spirits, and evoke emotions within us. But did you know that music is also beneficial for your health?

The Biology of Emotions

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Emotional Independence: the Ultimate Element to Reclaim Your Agency

What does it mean to be someone who’s emotionally independent? How can it play a vital role in my holistic wellness? Read more on how cultural and psychological backgrounds can influence our emotional independence, and the ways we can nurture this aspect inside us!

Don’t Say “Yes” to Everything

Saying “yes” to life is a positive way of allowing ourselves to try new experiences. It’s a great way to live: we’re willing to try new things, get out of our comfort zone, and go on new adventures! However, we tend to say “yes” in other situations as well, and not only when it comes […]

Coping with and Preventing Depression: a Holistic Perspective

We all experience feelings of sadness – or even despair – at least once in our lifetime. However, when those feelings become unbearable, they might start to take a toll on our lives. One of the most common mental illnesses is depression.  According to a WHO report published in 2020, more than 264 million people worldwide deal […]