Let’s Talk! An Interview about Resilience with Amit Sood

Living happy and stress free? Let’s find out how with Amit Sood, a researcher and professor at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, expert in integrative medicine and stress management. Let’s learn how resilience can help us manage stress!

Let’s Talk! An Interview about Transformation Coaching with Evelyn Sztojanov

What is a transformational coach? How does the role of a transformational coach differ from that of a life coach? What is the most effective way to accomplish goals?

Evelyn Sztojanov is here to answer all our questions! Evelyn is a transformational coach and social entrepreneur. She primarily works with women through her 9-week Inspired Coaching Program, helping them tune into their essence and create a blueprint for an inspired life. Fueled by her entrepreneur mindset, her aim is to bring bespoke mindfulness, fitness and wellness solutions closer to today’s high performing, career-oriented society. Let’s discover everything about transformation coaching today!

Delving into Stress and Burnout with Marcel Daane

Welcome to Unlocking Wellbeing.

Our expert guest today is Marcel Daane. Author of the acclaimed book ‘HeadStrong Performance’, he is a certified life coach who, through a holistic approach, aims to empower individuals to gain clarity, openness and enhance interpersonal relationships. He explains stress and burnout in depth and will unlock some of the key elements for preventing and treating it. But that’s not all…Ivan Parisi, our Real Talk today, shares with us his enlighting experience in managing stress and burnout. We hope you enjoy this episode of Unlocking Wellbeing!