How Green Buildings Improve 3 Wellbeing Aspects

The impact we have on the earth is growing, and we must find new ways to limit our footprint. Since our population is expected to grow in the next thirty years, finding new ways to build sustainably is a way to help our environment before it’s too late. In fact, population growth will lead to a higher […]

The Benefits of Dancing and Movement Therapy

Have you ever felt a rush of adrenaline when listening to your favorite song? Finding a connection between music and dance can spike your happiness levels and help you live a better life.

Coping with and Preventing Depression: a Holistic Perspective

We all experience feelings of sadness – or even despair – at least once in our lifetime. However, when those feelings become unbearable, they might start to take a toll on our lives. One of the most common mental illnesses is depression.  According to a WHO report published in 2020, more than 264 million people worldwide deal […]