The Scientific Rules for Overcoming a Breakup

Dealing with the aftermath of a romantic breakup can be difficult, as we often find ourselves torn between processing our emotions and tackling impractical online recommendations. Keep reading to find out how to move on from your ex partner healthily, without looking back.

5 Top Tips to Promote a Holistically Healthy Neighborhood

Experiencing a holistically healthy neighborhood may sound too good to be true, some might even think it’s out of our control. But, there are some actions that we can take that can help us secure a healthier lifestyle, a safer neighborhood, and a beautifully integrated community! Explore five stellar tips to help you build a healthy neighborhood!

Staying Sociable as an Introvert

Introverts need a good social life just as much as anybody else; they simply need to nurture it in a different way! Discover the science behind introversion, social isolation, social fatigue, and a few ways to make our social lives just that little bit better!

The Holistic Benefits of Vacations

Need another reason to get that holiday of your dreams booked? Here are the many holistic benefits of vacations. Discover the perfect break for you, and deep dive into all of the ways it can enrich your spirit, body, and mind!

Forgiveness: How to Develop Compassion and Empathy

Many spiritual leaders worldwide include forgiveness and empathy as key parts of their teachings. You could even say that the ability to forgive is a defining feature of humanity. Let’s talk about the science of forgiveness and how we can apply some of this wisdom to our modern lives!

The Philosophy of Personal Identity

Philosophy is an intriguing and fascinating region of study that can encompass all kinds of aspects of our wellness and our spirituality. Discover some of the ways that we can use philosophy to be introspective about our ideas and our personal identities.

How to Train Your Brain

As we learn and age, our brains are constantly adapting and changing. Through brain training, we can ensure that they are changing for the better. Discover how it works and why brain training may just be the thing for you!

5 Socially Healthy Habits

Fostering relationships in a healthy and socially conscious way is an excellent way to look after your social health. Here are 5 ways to promote socially healthy habits!