Finding a Balance Between Social Interaction and Alone Time

time alone

4 minutes How do you spend your free time? Do you read a book or watch tv? Maybe you listen to music? Or do you spend your free time with people? We only have one life and choosing how to spend the time we have left is fundamental. There are those who prefer spending time with friends, […]

How to Address Feelings of Loneliness to Boost Your Wellbeing


4 minutes Feelings of loneliness can be emotionally painful and can lead to depression and a fear of missing out. However, things such as meditation, an active lifestyle, and life communication can really help our overall social communication.

The Value of Healthy Friendships for Your Wellbeing

3 minutes As human beings, we can have our moments of insecurity and self-doubt. When we are immersed in a difficult situation or we need to make a difficult decision, we normally seek support through our friendships; advice or a second opinion make us feel more secure about the decisions we make. Friendships give us emotional and […]