In the current world health crisis caused by COVID-19, social distancing is vital to controlling and lessening the impact of the pandemic. Personal health extends beyond just social distancing, wearing masks, and taking precautions. However, actively focusing on your health through the use of digital tools can strengthen your immune system and decrease your risk of contracting diseases that can be complicated further by COVID-19. Digital health uses information and communication technologies to promote wellness and it improves access to health care, lowers costs, and provides personalized health care. 

According to a 2017 survey conducted in the United States, 59% of the participants stated they could imagine using an app to measure health metrics. In addition, another survey from the U.S. showed that 49,2% of the participants searched for health information online, and 18.5% reported at least one technology-based interaction with the health care system. The use of digital solutions in the health care system can mitigate, or even solve, many challenges that we are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. A study describes video-visits, email, mobile-phone applications, chatbots or artificial intelligence (AI), among others, as effective methods of telemedicine and remote consultations.

Research shows that digital solutions, in addition to being associated with cost savings, also facilitate regular check-ups that can avoid unplanned medical consultations or interventions. In our digital era we can find a vast range of services online, and telemedicine is certainly one of them. A survey concluded that 74% of the participants would prefer to see a doctor through telemedicine, and with the implementation of advanced technology, it has become a reality.


What are the benefits of digital health platforms?

The use of digital health services has many advantages:

More accessible

One of the most important benefits is the ease with which we can overcome geographical barriers and make health care services more accessible through the use of information and communications technology, especially in situations like this one where communicating remotely is not just an option but a necessity. Research shows that access to digital health care ensures that necessary care reaches all populations. Primary interventions can prevent health issues and facilitate the relationship between individuals and health practitioners.

More affordable

Aside from making health care more accessible, digital health platforms also make it more affordable while allowing users to receive personalized consultations and other services. 

Educational tool

Digital health platforms serve as educational tools for you, providing the information that you need most in the format that suits you best. One of the main advantages of digital health care is that it facilitates the consultation with a health practitioner, even if an in-person visit is not possible. This advantage can help promote prevention and avoid the negative consequences of delayed health care.


Digital health services can empower you to explore your health status and find the most suitable and personalized methods to improve your wellness.


SolaVieve’s vision

SolaVieve’s vision is holistic, preventive, and integrative. These three core aspects collectively provide effective health care with the following digital health services:

The Wellbeing Quotient (WQ)™

A progressive and scientifically formulated assessment that measures a person’s health status from a whole-person perspective, an evolutionary leap from the IQ and EQ tests. Each statement evaluates your health from a holistic point of view and is based on reliable scientific research. The influence of each statement on the different dimensions of health is obtained from more than 100 scientific studies and is parameterised with new data from our users in order to generate a valid and representative result.


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